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Residential E-Design

As much as you love your home, have you ever walked around your house spotting some things you wouldn’t mind changing? Well, the design process has just gotten a whole lot easier! With e-design as a major remodeling tool, designing your new home plans is now easier, faster, more affordable!

What is E-Design?

E-design is exactly that - designing made easy through as an online feature! E-design is a newer feature that streamlines the remodeling, building, and designing processes for your residence. With this feature, you can efficiently talk to your designer, upload photos of your home, provide examples, and overall, play a larger role in the design process of your home.

Benefits of E-Design

Usually when remodeling your home, you will likely set a budget for the entire process, and then move onto hiring contractors. Contractors will usually come to your home and help you scope out the work, and then comes the fun part - the design! However, in efforts to streamline the entire remodeling process and make it easier on you, the client, e-design has quickly become the new way to remodel and build.

As mentioned above, e-design works completely online and is a quicker, more efficient way to share ideas and check on progress. You can share inspirations and designs before the project begins and also use this feature as a way to keep up with progress. With e-design being solely online, you may even experience quicker turn around time for projects and progress.

Would E-Design Work for Me?

Like anything that streamlines an otherwise longer process, there are some aspects that might not fit with your lifestyle or don’t meet your needs as a client. In order to see if e-design would work for you, here are some key aspects of working with e-design:

  • You are part of this process! You as the client will have to measure your space, be responsible for taking pictures, go out and shop for your pieces, and also setting up the space to your needs. This is ideal for clients who like to be involved in the overall process and care about the details.

  • You are communicating through an online system. You will keep in touch with your designer virtually, so through texting, emailing, calling, and video chatting. This is ideal for clients with busy lifestyles who may only have time to communicate online and not so much in-person.

  • You will be highly communicative and can get started quickly. With virtual communication being primary, having strong communications kills when working with your designer is important.

Is E-Design More Affordable?

Another great benefit of e-design is that on average, it is more affordable than usual remodeling and interior design processes. Because of the fact that you are more involved as the client - i.e. ordering new things, taking measurements of the space, etc., you won’t have to pay a contractor or designer to handle that for you. Being that you are also in charge of purchasing the pieces for the space, you have more control over that budget and can find deals. Most clients also only pay a one-time fee for the e-design, so you end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Where is Residential E-Design Offered?

If you are interested in remodeling a room, a large space, a house, Metier Solutions offers residential remodeling services through the e-design feature that can keep you involved in your remodeling process. Remodeling made easier with e-design! For more information or to schedule a design consultation, chat with us by using our chat feature on Or simply give us a call at 1-240-888-0815.


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